Dr. Brandon Akers graduated from Pikeville high-school in the spring of 2001 and went on to further his education at Eastern Kentucky University. Dr. Akers received his bachelor’s degree and his doctorate from the most prestigious chiropractic school in the country, Palmer College of Chiropractic, where he graduated in 2008.

The doctor opened up Dr. Brandon Akers Chiropractic Center in September of 2009 and has been practicing ever since. Dr. Akers went into Chiropractic because of his love to help people, he says “Chiropractic care offers a natural form of healthcare that treats pain and dysfunction naturally, without the side affects of pain medicine. Coming from a town with an Opioid crisis, I love doing work that counteracts that.” Dr. Akers also explains that he loves being able to work with patients of all ages and interests, he just really loves people! “My favorite part of the job is just meeting new people and helping them live their lives to the fullest. They affect my life as much as I affect theirs. My patients are not only patients, they’re my friends.”


Eastern Kentucky University
Palmer College of Chiropractic                    Doctorate of Chiropractic – 2008


Personal Hobbies

  • Staying Active
  • Hunting and Fishing
  • Classic Cars
  • Cross-country trips on the motorcycle
  • Surfing