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Our experience in chiropractic care is what our patients have come to trust.

Pain Management

Regular spinal adjustments is a great way to keep pain at bay.

Ageless Flexibility

Keep your joints working at their best at any age.

More Energy

When you are feeling your best then energy comes naturally.

Benefits of...

Spinal Adjustments

In today’s busy world it’s hard to make time for yourself. Yet taking care of your health is at the top of the priority list because so many of our loved ones depend on us. We make it easy for you to stay in fine tune in a very short time. Here is some benefits of how spinal adjustments can improve your overall health.  

Restful Sleep

Fewer Headaches

Improved Posture

Less Stress

Stronger Immune Function

Increased Mobility


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"Dr Brandon Akers is THE BEST! He treats several people in our family and we recommend him all the time. I have TMJ and Dr Akers & his staff are so accommodating. I went to him almost weekly when I was pregnant too. He's amazing!"


"Dr Akers does a wonderful job caring for his patients, I know this first hand from working with him for 2 years. You are so wonderful for the community of Pikeville Dr Brandon Akers!"


"By far the best chiropractor around. My quality of life has improved a lot since I have been going there and I can walk without the use of a cane or back brace, like I use to have to use all the time. His slogan is dead on, when he say's he has got your back, he really does have your back.."


"Dr Akers sure helped me. I had neck and shoulder pain. After 3 visits I was fine. Thanks doc!"


"I love Dr. Akers! He always takes great care of his patients & his staff is always so kind! I would highly recommend!"


"I was a nervous wreck when I walked through the door. But each and every one of the staff members made me feel comfortable. Brandon himself explained everything he was doing. I'm looking forward to more therapy..."